Eureka Lake Road

September’s fields of tall, crisp stalksare like dry soldiers martyred by harvest—Their innards, tender and warm producereveal robust kernels or rot—the industry of cutworms, beetles, borers.Tassels are fingered by hurried youthunloaded from yellow, sticky busestheir bundled glands pumping sweatinto drenched long sleeves and socks.At the lake, the basin is scorched,undressed by drought.Groups of family geese … Continue reading Eureka Lake Road

North Valley Road

  The llamas are splendid No rain to drench their coats. They remain woolly and soft, regal in posture. I envy their quiet eyes The Western sky is nature's best white-blue, a slow stretch above the horizon, underneath a canopy of cottony clouds--  a pale swatch echoing stillness The orchards are empty with smoke rising from … Continue reading North Valley Road