Dearest Don Raine – This Was 2017

I regret that I didn't write and share photos more in 2017 in this special space. The loss of Grandma Mary at the end of 2016 extinguished a spark in my heart. I worried that the spark could never return. I now know that her death changed me, Leah, as I know myself, evermore. It … Continue reading Dearest Don Raine – This Was 2017

And Along Came a 40th Birthday

It felt like an outrageous accomplishment. It felt like the summit of Mt. Everest. And it also felt normal. We made it to his 40th birthday and life with cancer has become so normal to us, I was distracted by daily non-cancer minutia and completely forgot to plan something. While I was distracted, Dan planned … Continue reading And Along Came a 40th Birthday

My Mega Blog Post

We have enjoyed a beautiful start to Spring here in Carlton, Oregon. Raine enjoyed celebrating Easter with egg hunts, gifts, treats, and time with friends. Dan's exam and maintenance chemo treatment on the Friday that followed Easter was without concern or change. For Christians, Easter is a celebration of Hope. I remember learning about Easter's … Continue reading My Mega Blog Post

Lately In Life

So let's talk about life lately. We are nearing the end of July, folks. Summer is pretty busy, isn't it? It certainly has quite a zeal to it. If it were fall or winter, I suspect we would be judging our busyness and blaming it on "back to school" or the holidays, or this or that. … Continue reading Lately In Life

My Favorite Sidewalk in McMinnville

One of the things that we loved most about Oregon when we moved here was how wild and free the landscaping could get. At first it was peculiar to not see perfectly mowed bright green turf, but ten years later, overgrown variety is the norm. This particular sidewalk surrounds a building where we go often for … Continue reading My Favorite Sidewalk in McMinnville

June Recap

June was a bit of a blur, awaiting Dan's CT scan, awaiting Dan's results, and blowing off steam afterward. I'm so sorry to have left everyone hanging after my announcement and no follow-up post! For shame. {I hope you all concluded that no news is good news!} I recently read "10 Tips for Coping with Scanxiety" … Continue reading June Recap

Holiday Shopping With Dan & Leah – Part Two

McMinnville is also a fun town to explore during happy hour and at night. Third Street is beautifully lined with trees, a canopy of Christmas lights twinkling above with lit up ribbon arches at cross streets. We have enjoyed many evenings drinking and eating here together and with friends. Our top recommendations are: Thistle Nick's … Continue reading Holiday Shopping With Dan & Leah – Part Two

North Valley Road

  The llamas are splendid No rain to drench their coats. They remain woolly and soft, regal in posture. I envy their quiet eyes The Western sky is nature's best white-blue, a slow stretch above the horizon, underneath a canopy of cottony clouds--  a pale swatch echoing stillness The orchards are empty with smoke rising from … Continue reading North Valley Road