2016 Put Me in the Same Room as Robert Plant

  On a whim, as I sometimes do when it comes to concerts, I bought tickets for myself and a friend to see The Milk Carton Kids at the Vic in Chicago. The exciting news was that it was a performance as part of a concert to raise funds for refugees and would also feature … Continue reading 2016 Put Me in the Same Room as Robert Plant

Why I Didn’t March Today

My husband has cancer. He just had chemo on Wednesday and is sleeping like a bear today. My mother died. I spent the afternoon watching the recording of her funeral service because when I was actually there, I had a five year old talking to me and climbing all over me the entire time. I … Continue reading Why I Didn’t March Today

Guess What? I’m Still Here. And It’s February!

  I ended the year 2015 with a bit of a bitter back glance (and a secret note to the future that I had better not get any more s**t.) This might come as a surprise because I talk so much about joy, gratitude, and hope in my writing on this blog. The truth is, … Continue reading Guess What? I’m Still Here. And It’s February!

Summer Recap

I believe what I would remember most about this summer (and the quickly approaching end of it) was 1.) Trying to come to terms with the demands of my own health, and 2.) A fierce nesting phase as I tried to both prepare to launch my new graphic design business and transform our house into a rather lovely … Continue reading Summer Recap

World Lung Cancer Day 2015

Yesterday was World Lung Cancer day. We spent it letting Raine play at a park. He ran and jumped and squealed and shouted. There was a sand pit with a "mountain" that he fought hard to climb up to the top of...over and over again. Sometimes older children held his hand and ran with him … Continue reading World Lung Cancer Day 2015

Lately In Life

So let's talk about life lately. We are nearing the end of July, folks. Summer is pretty busy, isn't it? It certainly has quite a zeal to it. If it were fall or winter, I suspect we would be judging our busyness and blaming it on "back to school" or the holidays, or this or that. … Continue reading Lately In Life

Cheese & Chocolate Party

  At Dan's last platinum chemo treatment day, February 21st, we joked with our friend Patrick that we should have a "Cheese and Chocolate Party" in six weeks to celebrate the supposed return of Dan's taste buds. We origicnally christened it the "5 C party," the C's to stand for Carlton Crest Cheese and Chocolate … Continue reading Cheese & Chocolate Party

Happy Friday (Great News!)

The results are back and I bet you can guess by our celebratory selfie in the oncologist's office that they are good! The MRI of his brain showed NO infection, NO clots, NO new tumors, and all lesions are confirmed necrotic--Dead. "Tumor necrosis" is the fancy medical term for that, and I feel like I … Continue reading Happy Friday (Great News!)

The Friday Before Christmas

  It is hard to believe that three months ago to this day, we were receiving the shocking news about Dan's cancer. All we knew at that time was that it was considered stage 4 lung cancer because it had spread to his spine, lymph nodes, and brain. In a strange way, I don't even feel … Continue reading The Friday Before Christmas

Thursday, October 16, 2014

  Every day is about adjusting to our new normal. But our new normal shifts like sand under our feet. I just keep walking in the sand, letting it slide around me. At least I have his hand in mine. Today I slept in while Dan and Char attended to Raine. I showered and took Raine … Continue reading Thursday, October 16, 2014