Eureka Lake Road

September’s fields of tall, crisp stalksare like dry soldiers martyred by harvest—Their innards, tender and warm producereveal robust kernels or rot—the industry of cutworms, beetles, borers.Tassels are fingered by hurried youthunloaded from yellow, sticky busestheir bundled glands pumping sweatinto drenched long sleeves and socks.At the lake, the basin is scorched,undressed by drought.Groups of family geese … Continue reading Eureka Lake Road

Dearest Don Raine – This Was 2017

I regret that I didn't write and share photos more in 2017 in this special space. The loss of Grandma Mary at the end of 2016 extinguished a spark in my heart. I worried that the spark could never return. I now know that her death changed me, Leah, as I know myself, evermore. It … Continue reading Dearest Don Raine – This Was 2017

Our First Date

MEDICAL UPDATE: (After yesterday's post) Dan's heart showed improvement yesterday so the catheter was removed and he was moved out of CICU last night. Today cytology results came back and there were no cancer cells in the fluid. He was discharged today!   Top 10 Reasons Our First Date Was Weird But Awesome (Kind of like … Continue reading Our First Date