Roots, Interests, and Limitations

For making a big decision about how you are going to spend the majority of your minutes in a day, especially in such a way that you might be provided compensation for your time, I have always failed pretty miserably. I think too big, I think too small, I hop around with ideas, or I … Continue reading Roots, Interests, and Limitations

2016 Put Me in the Same Room as Robert Plant

  On a whim, as I sometimes do when it comes to concerts, I bought tickets for myself and a friend to see The Milk Carton Kids at the Vic in Chicago. The exciting news was that it was a performance as part of a concert to raise funds for refugees and would also feature … Continue reading 2016 Put Me in the Same Room as Robert Plant

Medical Update & Announcement

Hello, friends. I write to you this afternoon from my kitchen table with Sufjan Stevens playing and my laptop flanked by a glass of 2014 Giovanni and a small bowl of tiny blueberries from our yard. It's not a bad June afternoon. Which reminds of one of Dan's all time favorite songs... Dan is doing very well. … Continue reading Medical Update & Announcement

Saturday, November 15 2014

This week I had my first dream in which I was living and Dan wasn't. I don't think my entire life, I have had a dream like that. It was confusing--as most dreams are--with jumbled characters and circumstances. I do remember that I was in a building that housed many rooms like a school, as … Continue reading Saturday, November 15 2014