Can a 36 Year Old Female Have a Heart Attack?

It isn't common but the answer is yes. Did I think I was having a heart attack? Maybe. Did I actually have one? No. This woman, at age 37, actually had a heart attack. Her symptoms were similar to mine. However, after I woke up in the middle of the night nauseous and with pressure in … Continue reading Can a 36 Year Old Female Have a Heart Attack?

Medical Update – Spring 2017

The prelude to winter began with Dan's hospitalization November 1st. I spent the day wrestling with my intuition that I needed a significant break--things were getting to be too much and I felt super fragile. I talked to the HR manager at work and decided to take a leave of absence for the month of … Continue reading Medical Update – Spring 2017

A First Medical Update in Illinois

  I haven't written a medical update in a long time. I know I shared the details in My Mega Post, but I haven't kept everyone informed after that. To be honest, after his seizure in February and the "your husband's heart might collapse" scare in the beginning of April, I was running on empty and not … Continue reading A First Medical Update in Illinois

My Mega Blog Post

We have enjoyed a beautiful start to Spring here in Carlton, Oregon. Raine enjoyed celebrating Easter with egg hunts, gifts, treats, and time with friends. Dan's exam and maintenance chemo treatment on the Friday that followed Easter was without concern or change. For Christians, Easter is a celebration of Hope. I remember learning about Easter's … Continue reading My Mega Blog Post

Thanksgiving 2014

One week ago, Dan was hospitalized again. Our experience taught me many things. #1, of course, again, is that everything around us is beautiful and luxurious. We are so lucky to have everything in place as it is, and enjoy it how we can. The comfort of our own bed, the taste of ice water, … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2014

Two Weeks in Photos 11/11 – 11/25

  Look at these adorable nuggets! Raine had ten days with his cousins, Logan and Lexi, and major fun was had by all. They went to an indoor play center, played at our house, swam at their hotel, and played at the park. These photos were taken the afternoon that we got a package in … Continue reading Two Weeks in Photos 11/11 – 11/25

One Week In Photos 9/23 – 9/30

  Dan's hospital bed saw a lot of action: Cuddling, napping, games, crying, nose bleeds, sleeping (yes, he and I squeezed ourselves together in it one night!) vital checks, eating, and lots of phone conversations. One of the requirements for him to be discharged was the nurse teaching me how to give him his Lovenox … Continue reading One Week In Photos 9/23 – 9/30

One Week In Photos 9/16 – 9/23

The chest fluid that caused his shortness of breath. This sent him to the ER and started it all... Morning balloons outside his room at the Newberg hospital. He also had a view of one of his most played golf courses. Flowers for daddy once he is moved to St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland. Bummer … Continue reading One Week In Photos 9/16 – 9/23