Young Cancer Family Starts Gift Business – We Need Your Help!

{Medical Update: Dan's shoulder replacement surgery was successful! He is such a rock star; he was sent home the following morning. Like, 24 hours later--In a giant hospital t-shirt that said "get moving," super tight scrub pants, and no shoes. Clearly, I was not prepared with an overnight bag. He started physical therapy after two … Continue reading Young Cancer Family Starts Gift Business – We Need Your Help!

Sunday, Sunday – Edition 1

  We survived another week! Time for another. Things that made me smile ... What made you smile? The kindness and generosity of somone who is going to help us get Hobbes treatment to remove the tumor on his tummy. Creating a new playroom for Raine so that he can pretend he is an American … Continue reading Sunday, Sunday – Edition 1

Lovely Gifts: Eva’s 1st Birthday

little monkey! 2016 gave us the opportunity to celebrate the loveliest little munchkin's first birthday, Miss Eva Caroline! Raine and I put together a birthday package for her in September; a colorful combination of handmade art, expensive apparel, and hand-me-down toys and book. Then we got to hold her, hug her, and try to keep up with … Continue reading Lovely Gifts: Eva’s 1st Birthday

2016 Gave Us a Different Kind of Christmas…

I started decorating and helping Raine get ready for the holiday season the day we returned from Colorado (a trip to see friends after Thanksgiving). I was grateful that I did that--I didn't know the majority of December would be engulfed by the trauma and duties of grief, then caught up in the whirlwind of our … Continue reading 2016 Gave Us a Different Kind of Christmas…

Lovely Gifts: A Yearbook & Donation

A formal blog Thank You is in order for this lovely gift we received last month. Classmates that attended the 20th year reunion signed a yearbook with messages to Dan and donated money toward our trip to Disneyland. The donation made a significant difference and the heartfelt messages were encouraging. A classmate also donated a … Continue reading Lovely Gifts: A Yearbook & Donation

Dan’s Thoughts on Father’s Day

My favorite part of Father’s Day this year was sitting outside the tasting room at ArborBrook Vineyards with my wife, son, and our friends, the Timmen family. It was a beautiful sunny day with good conversation and a really nice cheese plate. There were also some very sweet cards from Leah and Raine, and just … Continue reading Dan’s Thoughts on Father’s Day

Our Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

There was a beautiful opportunity that opened up for us to renew our wedding vows on Valentine's Day. In three weeks, I planned a small ceremony for us with our siblings, Doug and Rachel, and enlisted a few friends and community members to help us put it together at the last minute (on a shoestring budget). … Continue reading Our Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

One Week in Photos 1/6 – 1/13

I made a new friend recently, Jane, who advised me that she was inspired to wear lipstick in the New Year. She wrote, " I have decided to embrace each moment by celebrating more and wearing red lipstick. Me, wearing red lipstick is a pretty funny resolution as I am someone who forgets I own … Continue reading One Week in Photos 1/6 – 1/13

Lovely Gift: Our Bracelets

Thank you to our dear friends Lorri and Carmen, who gave us these matching bracelets for Christmas. It is such a special gift--so lovely and thoughtful and keenly appropriate--I just don't have words. They are beautiful pieces, designed by Lisa Gaffney of Heart and Sol Designs, and inscribed with the custom phrase that I wrote in my … Continue reading Lovely Gift: Our Bracelets