A First Medical Update in Illinois

  I haven't written a medical update in a long time. I know I shared the details in My Mega Post, but I haven't kept everyone informed after that. To be honest, after his seizure in February and the "your husband's heart might collapse" scare in the beginning of April, I was running on empty and not … Continue reading A First Medical Update in Illinois

Guess What? I’m Still Here. And It’s February!

  I ended the year 2015 with a bit of a bitter back glance (and a secret note to the future that I had better not get any more s**t.) This might come as a surprise because I talk so much about joy, gratitude, and hope in my writing on this blog. The truth is, … Continue reading Guess What? I’m Still Here. And It’s February!

Happy Friday (Great News!)

The results are back and I bet you can guess by our celebratory selfie in the oncologist's office that they are good! The MRI of his brain showed NO infection, NO clots, NO new tumors, and all lesions are confirmed necrotic--Dead. "Tumor necrosis" is the fancy medical term for that, and I feel like I … Continue reading Happy Friday (Great News!)

Our 3rd CT Scan

Today we discussed the results of Dan's 3rd CT scan with Dr. Duffy. To recap, the very first scan introduced us to NSCLC Adenocarcinoma in all its glory--to me, what looked like splotches of ink and dark blobs inside his chest. Our 2nd scan was the first scan to tell us if "IF" his initial chemotherapy … Continue reading Our 3rd CT Scan

One Week in Photos 1/6 – 1/13

I made a new friend recently, Jane, who advised me that she was inspired to wear lipstick in the New Year. She wrote, " I have decided to embrace each moment by celebrating more and wearing red lipstick. Me, wearing red lipstick is a pretty funny resolution as I am someone who forgets I own … Continue reading One Week in Photos 1/6 – 1/13

The Friday Before Christmas

  It is hard to believe that three months ago to this day, we were receiving the shocking news about Dan's cancer. All we knew at that time was that it was considered stage 4 lung cancer because it had spread to his spine, lymph nodes, and brain. In a strange way, I don't even feel … Continue reading The Friday Before Christmas