Glendale Cemetary

On September 18th, four years ago, incurable cancer became a part of our story. I had to write about it in order to cope. Writing felt like the air I needed to breathe.

On September 8th, only one year ago, the remains of my beloved mother were sealed inside a niche in a columbarium at Glendale Cemetary in Washington. It had been eight months since her death.

At the time, I couldn’t write about this.


I have been bereft and I have been silent.

I would like to try to find my way into a new space of writing. I’m not sure what that will mean, but I do hope those of you out there in the world that follow this blog and keep me and my family in your thoughts will stay with me.


One thought on “Untitled

  1. Leah, I look forward to reading your blog. You open yourself up and become vulnerable, knowing that those who love you are supporting you and have your back. Your mother used to read some of your writings to me over the phone and she was so proud of your ability to make yourself heard. So am I!


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