Dan’s Thoughts on Father’s Day

My favorite part of Father’s Day this year was sitting outside the tasting room at ArborBrook Vineyards with my wife, son, and our friends, the Timmen family. It was a beautiful sunny day with good conversation and a really nice cheese plate. There were also some very sweet cards from Leah and Raine, and just prior to Father’s Day, Leah bought me some nice clothes to update my look (which was basically my look since high school). {Editor’s note: I didn’t update his look, I just improved upon it with quality and fit. 😉 }

Sometimes I think of Father’s Day as: “Well, we have Mother’s Day, so I guess we should have a day for dads too.”  We all know that moms do all of the work and SHOULD have a day that celebrates how awesome they are. Dads are just dads! But we do have responsibilities. We are here to provide, teach, discipline, get dirty, wrestle, be role models, and love our children.


Having my diagnosis, I can’t run around with my son for too long, I spend a lot of time at the doctor, and I feel some days I am not giving him enough. I try my best to work around my shortcomings and do the best for Raine that I can, but in the back of my mind, I feel like I have failed him a little bit; I feel like he doesn’t have a dad that is 100% there. He is not old enough to know that yet, but he will know sooner than later. He is growing up so fast, and soon he will want to know exactly what is going on with daddy and his doctors. But until that day, he is just my little buddy who loves to play “Slips and Ladders” and “hide and seek” with his Daddy.

I think all dads should be like mine is in my life. He is compassionate, patient, stoic, loyal, friendly, creative, and funny. I don’t think I (or my brother) would be the type of men that we are without him as our role model. I hope I get the chance to do the same for my son. I am hoping for a decade or more of Father’s Days. I am hoping to see my little boy grow up to be a man. I hope to instill all of the traits my dad instilled in me to my son. If I can do that, and then if one day my son becomes a father, I will feel like I did my job in the circle of life.

I may not have the chance to get there, but I do have hope and a family that loves me, so that is the best thing a dad could ask for.  That…..and a special beer for Father’s Day! 🙂



leah embellishment

Do you like reading Dan’s point of view? Please leave a comment to encourage him! I would love to have him guest post regularly!

xoxo, leah ruth

6 thoughts on “Dan’s Thoughts on Father’s Day

  1. Dan, I love this glimpse into your thoughts. Your dad must have been amazing because you and your brother are two of the nicest guys I’ve met. I always think of your dad as the quiet, but present, dad.
    I’m, of course, also hoping that you are able to celebrate at least a decade more of fathers days with your Raine!


  2. Such an honorable tribute to fatherhood and manhood, Dan! Beautifully written. Cheers to many more Father’s Day celebrations and reflections!


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